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plants seeds, grounded in ecology, poetry, and experiential education

The Moon and Other Fruits is officially out! Here are some links to buy a digital or print copy and the press release below.

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APRIL 5, 2023– Legacy Book Press is proud to release its latest poetry collection, The Moon and Other Fruits by Frederick Livingston in celebration of National Poetry Month. Who is to say moonlight is not pure sugar and wild blueberries do not ripen as they dream? The collection invites us to enter our senses and imagine other ways of being: a city abandoning its buildings in favor of sunlight’s simple miracle, planting a love that grows mangoes, or the purple color of starfish giving a hopeless youth enough reason to live.

In the tradition of authors like Mary Oliver and Gary Snyder, Livingston’s poems explore the natural world and center on sensory insights felt in our core: chainsaws, kumquats, and monsoons. Although The Moon and Other Fruits roams from the American West to rural Tanzania, Costa Rica and beyond, the poems share a conversation on seasons that shape our lives, from the anxiety of prolonged drought to the courage of winter’s first flowers.

Frederick Livingston came to poetry as an ecologist looking for language wide enough to hold wonder. After publishing dozens of individual poems in journals and anthologies, The Moon and Other Fruits marks his book-length debut. His writing is informed by his Pacific Northwest roots as well as his international work in natural sciences, experiential education, and peace building.

10% of the proceeds of the book will be given to the Thurston County Food Bank, because poems should feed people in body as well as mind.

Legacy Book Press LLC, founded in 2020 and based in Iowa, seeks to publish personal stories told via non-fiction, autobiographical fiction, poetry, or a combination of the same.

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    I am launching this website in anticipation of my first collection of poetry “The Moon and Other Fruits”. I generally think of poems as excerpts from one ongoing poem of phenomenon, but I am glad to have gathered these into a book I can share, a step on a journey towards becoming a poet, a seed to deepen my roots in literary community. Stay tuned for the book release in April (National Poetry Month) this year!

    In the meantime, you are welcome to click around if you’d like to learn more about my background, my work, read sample poems, or contact me.



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